About CED

Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED) has been a privately held business for 50+ years. CED started with two locations in 1957 and has expanded to 600 locations nationwide– adding more than 10 new locations each year for the past 55 years. The Grand Canyon division of CED provides electrical products/services for Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and West Texas. Electrical Distribution is a $75 billion industry in the United States that continues to grow and thrive in the areas of residential construction, commercial construction and industrial manufacturing.

CED's success is driven by its decentralized business model. At CED, each location (profit center) is treated as a separate business, responsible for its own independent profits and losses. Profit Center managers are empowered to grow and share revenues with employees while held accountable for expenses. CED Profit Center managers essentially run their own businesses!

CED’s unique profit sharing model allows employees to see the results – and rewards – of their hard work. A percentage of the profits a Profit Center location generates comes directly back to the manager and their fellow employees – unaffected by what happens at other Profit Center locations. There’s no ceiling at CED!